Squareball Digital engaged with with KYND as a design partner and form part of the product team. →

We were very excited to be appointed a design partner with KYND in 2018, working alongside their brand and product team. 

The engagement began with face to face meetings and workshops with key stakeholders at Kynd headquarters in London, which enabled our team to outline the rest of the work and best way forward.

Our design workflow for Kynd was as follows:

  • Develop designs in Sketch.
  • Make available for review in InVision.
  • Using InVision Inspect to handover designs and assets.
  • Design components for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • All new work will be added to the overall KYND design system.

Work was delivered in sprints, focusing on user feedback and iterations until everyone was confident the key objectives were being met, before moving onto next sprint and then into production.

Kynd are making big waves in the cyber risk management and we look forward to helping them evolve and expand this cutting edge platform.