We combine our IAM credentials with proven product implementation and delivery expertise
Whether it’s an ambitious startup or established enterprise platform, we always focus our approach on three main areas: Identity Consultancy, Design & Engineering and Product Management.
Identity Consultancy
Identity strategy, implementation and rollout
We will help you choose the right Identity strategy and roadmap, including platform decision and also implementation support
Certified focus partner for Okta
We are a highly trusted focus partner for Okta and offer certified developers and administrators within our IAM team
Trusted Auth0 implementation partner
As an official partner of Auth0, we bring years of hands-on implementation and consultancy experience with the platform
Cognito, Azure and Keycloak experts
Our IAM credentials includes expertise across Amazon and Microsoft Identity solutions as well as open source such as Keycloak.
Yara hired the IAM and product experts at Squareball to help define and deliver their version for Identity and Access Management solution across the organisation.
Design & Engineering
User interface design
Our Design team crafts compelling and impactful UI interfaces, with a focus on user experience, leading trends and patterns. We share and iterate through high fidelity, fully interactive prototypes and produce production-ready assets for seamless tech handover.
User Story Mapping & Prototyping
Our highly experienced UX and tech teams evaluate projects from the beginning. We ground our approach in thorough user and technical research, kicking off each project by understanding user needs and technical requirements.
Mobile and web development
We build full stack with industry leading open source frameworks, platforms and services and leverage the best cloud services available.
Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps
Serverless, cloud based solutions are our primary focus and by resilience and scalability and build processes are fully automated, including testing and deployment.
We worked on everything from brand identity, prototyping, UI design through to full stack development of of this geolocation focused web and mobile platform.
Product management
Product strategy
We can help you define your product strategy and roadmap, identify the right technology, adapt to social trends and deliver with industry standard practices. Our certified Design Sprint specialists offer a highly proven technique to quickly solve critical business problems.
Governance and process
We'll take care of the documentation, data compliance regulations, team provisioning and build processes.
Project leadership
Whether it is scrum or kanban, our methodologies are optimised for the objectives and we'll bolster this with robust a quality assurance process.
Solution architecture
We offer an unparalleled level of expertise across different tech stacks and platforms in order to choose the right solution architecture and infrastructure.
We worked closely with Daily Playlists to define personas, conversion goals and key flows for their platform rollout.
Our Services
We offer

Identity Consultancy

  • Identity strategy, implementation and rollout
  • Certified focus partner for Okta 
  • Trusted Auth0 implementation partner
  • Cognito, Azure and Keycloak experts

Design & Engineering

  • User interface design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Full stack mobile and web development
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Dev Ops

Product Management

  • Product strategy and roadmap
  • Governance and process
  • Project leadership
  • Solution architecture

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