We're an approved consultant for Go Digital, meaning we can take advantage of the available funding to kick-start your digital transformation.

What is Go Digital? 

Germany’s ministry for economic affairs (BMWi) set up the Go Digital initiative to support small and medium size companies (SMEs) transform their operations for the for the new digital age. The programme is divided into 3 modules;

  • Module 1 IT Security: Risk and Security analysis
  • Module 2 Digital Market Development: Creation of online shops, websites, SEO, digital products, mobile applications
  • Module 3 Digital Business Processes: Implementation of e-business software solutions

Squareball Digital GmbH is an approved consultant for Module 2, meaning we can take advantage of the funding to kick-start your digital transformation or new online project. The sums on offer are also attractive: The BMWi will fund up to 30 project days over 6 months per year, with a total grant of up to €16,500. Should our project exceed the project day limit, we will be able to come to an agreement outside of the initiative in order to get you over the line!

Who is eligible?

The criteria has been made surprisingly easy by German standards :-) You must have:

  • A going concern or subsidiary in Germany with existing operations and proof of revenues
  • Less than 100 employees
  • Annual revenues or balance sheet total of less than €20m
  • Eligibility under the De-Minimis threshold for VAT payments between EU member states

What’s the catch?

The BMWi will only match your own contribution, so you need to have funding available. 

You should also be aware that Module 1 is required. So some of your available budget will need to be put towards a risk analysis of your infrastructure. We have an excellent IT Security partner in place to guide you through the process for this part of the programme.  

Why Squareball? 

Squareball is an independent, user-focused, digital product agency. We partner with exciting startups and top brands to create outstanding digital products and services.

We specialise in supplementing new startups and projects with our own full service team to help you get up and running, with a strong focus on collaboration, leadership and eventual handover to your internal resource when ready.   We have an excellent ongoing track record of doing this for Berlin startups and digital transformation initiatives within global organisations.

Our core services are UX Research & Definition, Prototyping, UI Design, Product Management, Development, Dev Ops, Analytics and Digital Marketing.

We can also help with the German language application forms, all of which can be downloaded from the BMWi site (DE only): https://www.innovation-beratung-foerderung.de/INNO/Navigation/DE/go-digital/go-digital.html

Get in touch

Reach out to us today and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have the programme and we can check your eligibility.