Our existing expertise for UX and JAMStack engineering makes Squareball a perfect fit for Crystallize powered applications

Crystallize is a super fast GraphQL based PIM service for headless eCommerce.   It enables our team to build beautiful and fast eCommerce experiences for any channel including web, mobile and kiosks.  Squareball  is pleased to be an official implementation partner for Crystallize .

Crystallize Overview

What is Headless ecommerce and how can it benefit your business?

As an eCommerce business owner, the biggest benefit you gain with headless commerce is the freedom to customize. A headless commerce setup frees you, and your employees, from the shackles of a monolithic solution that puts limits on what your frontend can look like and what it can do. Instead, a headless eCommerce solution empowers you to build any kind of frontend you want and reinforce it with any kind of functionality you want without worrying about backend implications.

Speedy and more agile

The unbridled freedom offered by headless eCommerce gives you more leeway to experiment with different user interfaces. That’s because you no longer have to install and maintain a full-stack eCommerce software. This leads to a more efficient development process as your teams can now work in parallel.

More personalisation and higher conversion

Consistent and personalized customer experience is the key to achieving higher conversion on your eCommerce website.

Scale faster and integrate better

The decoupling of the frontend and backend also allows for faster scaling. That is because the two can be scaled up separately from each other depending upon the traffic you receive

Crystallize offers a Headless eCommerce toolbox

Headless eCommerce service for forward thinking brands and creative agencies. Product information management (PIM) and rich content management in one. Sell digital products and physical products in any language. Fast GraphQL API for eCommerce in any channel.

The ecosystem for true Internet craftsmanship.

Whats on offer?

Headless eCommerce

Headless eCommerce allows developers to build tailor made eCommerce experiences in their favourite frontend framework. The frontend eCommerce experience is connected with the PIM service via the fast GraphQL API. At Crystallize we believe that a tailor made approach to continuously improving the customer experience will ultimately sell more online.

Subscription Commerce

Repeat business is the most scalable way to grow a business. Experiment with recurring offers to keep those recurring revenues growing. Subscription commerce is the foundation of modern business models.

Sales Reporting

Understand your business. Make better decisions.

Product Information Marketing

PIM means managing all information required to market and sell your products in any channel. Crystallize is PIM with a twist; product information management and rich content management in one. Sell digital products and physical products with stock. Sell in any language or currency. The idéal foundation of successful headless eCommerce with a tailored shopping experience. The tool for true Internet craftsmanship.

Rich Content Management

To sell products online you need to market them. Use the rich content management (CMS) in Crystallize to build engaging content that speaks to your customers.

Superfast GraphQL API

Super fast GraphQL API for eCommerce. Low latency API to power all of your webshops, websites or Apps. Crystallize is GraphQL native and designed for global distribution of a low latency API.

Squareball + Crystallize 

Crystallize are extremely forward thinking in terms of tech stack and product innovation - key reasons why Squareball are implementation partners.      We have a great relationship with their team including CEO, CTO, partner managers and engineers.      

We believe this adds lots of value to the project and future roadmap.   This will speak for itself when we meet as a combined team for the first live demo :)