When we started working with MODOMOTO, they were already Germany's largest curated shopping app for men. We worked in collaboration with the very talented internal team to build their first Android app.

The new app is built on React Native and Redux, allowing us to build a core engine in Javascript which can be used not only for Android but also for iOS and the web.  This consolidates the codebase across multiple channels at a lower build cost and leverages MODOMOTO’s in-house skills for the best collaboration and maintenance paths.

We worked with the MODOMOTO team to apply their new branding to the app. The business is 5 years old already, so there was a lot of insight and experience in the team to learn from. They know their customers better than we do, so it was a real team effort.

We wanted to make sure the new app moved the experience on. Using the team’s knowledge of their users and our expertise in product design, we developed new input types for quicker form filling and created more of a ‘home’ for returning visitors.

The initial Android MVP was quickly promoted to full version for Android and iOS and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with MODOMOTO to bring more products and better experiences to their stylish users.

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