What Is Okta Verify?
August 21st, 2021

Okta Verify is a MFA Factor and authenticator mobile app that allows you to verify your identity to securely sign in to your Okta-protected devices. It is a secure and customizable solution that allows you to add Okta authentication and authorization services to your applications. You can get scalable authentication built into your applications without the security risks, development overheads, and maintenance that comes from building it yourself.

You can connect almost any app, in any language to Okta Verify and define how you want users to sign in, for example, Okta Verify has the built in flexibility to send user's push notifications or request users to enter a time based code, both options will verify the user's identity. Every time a user attempts to authenticate, Okta Verify will check their identity and send the required information to your application.

Using Okta’s software development kits (SDKs) or application programming interface (API), you can add users, connect your apps, customize your sign-in page, configure rules, and track services with its built-in reports. You can also work with Squareball, in certified partnership with Okta, to help with setting up Okta Verify.  

What Can I Do With Okta Verify?

Using the Okta Verify application, you can:

  • Decide when and where users will need to enrol for the Okta verify application, for example, when a user accesses a specific application only or on their first day of work at your organisation. This means extra control and flexibility is available to create a smoother end user experience. 
  • Have the flexibility to assign Okta Verify to specific groups or users or applications in Okta. Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA), especially when users want to access sensitive data. You can enable a second level of security for every sign-in, or you can configure policies to enforce MFA based on network, location, and device context. For example, you can enforce MFA if a user is signing from a new device that’s in a different location from your office.
  • Choose between the 2 types of authentication available in the application. Users can either enter a time based codes (similar to Google Authenticator) or confirm a push notification from the application. 
  • Offer an enhanced user experience. To use the Okta Verify application, a user must only download the application from their mobile app store, then scan a QR code to activate their account. The user can use the application immediately..
  • Add an account to register your mobile device with your company’s Okta solution. Using pre-built sign-in components from Okta Verify, users can sign in with a password/username or with their social media accounts, such as Facebook. You can then retrieve their profile and customize the user interface (UI) based on their role in the organisation and apply your authorization policies.
  • Add accounts that need Okta Verify for authentication and authorization. The Okta Verify app can secure your APIs and app backend so that only authorized users and apps can access them. To determine access, you'll need to define claims, scopes, and configure policies.

What Can I Not Do With Okta Verify?

Using Okta Verify, you can’t:

  • Sign in or access your Okta account. Instead, you’ll need to sign in to your account from a mobile browser, from a desktop computer, or use the Okta mobile app.
  • Reset your Okta Verify enrollment from the application. If you forget your password, you must sign in to your company’s Okta End-User Dashboard to remove the existing Okta Verify enrollment from your account settings. To restore Okta Verify on your mobile device, you’ll have to access the Okta End-User Dashboard using other sign-in methods, such as email, text message, security key, or biometric authenticator.

Final Thoughts

Okta Verify is an authenticator and MFA mobile app. It aids in confirming a user’s identity when they sign in to your Okta account. After the user installs Okta Verify on their mobile device, they can verify their identity by entering a one-time code or approving a push notification. When a new user signs in to your company, the Okta Verify app prompts them to verify their identity.

With its customization and easy usability, Okta Verify provides secure authentication and authorization to best suit your needs.

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