The Okta Competitive Advantage
August 9th, 2021

Okta’s application integration is what sets it apart from its competitors. Being able to work seamlessly with application after application, and with portal after portal, makes it stand out from the rest of the market. No other product is able to offer what Okta does, which is why it’s best to work with Squareball, a leading Okta partner. Here are some of the top reasons why there is an Okta competitive advantage over its peers: 

Integrates With Most Microsoft Products

While Microsoft does not hold quite the monopoly it once did over the tech world, it is still a huge beast. The number of users it has the world over cannot be ignored. Nor should it. Many of its products are great at what they do and have allowed people to work smarter for decades now. However, with the proliferation of other apps and software systems, not to mention the vast array of devices that we all use, being able to use Microsoft products alongside other pieces of software is increasingly key. As a result, the fact that Okta integrates so seamlessly with Microsoft products was always going to be crucial to its effectiveness. 

Provides Simplification

Software complexity is a surefire way to hinder a company’s abilities - even though software is there to do the exact opposite. While pieces of software can be fantastic on their own, when used alongside one another, workers often complain that signing into each individual application is a cumbersome exercise that is rife with difficulty. For starters, remembering different logins and passwords is tricky, not to mention that some software packages do not interact with each other optimally. Okta offers a way around that problem as it reduces IT complexity and allows workers to use a whole suite of apps with a single sign-in. 

Highly Secure

The use of a single sign-in actually helps Okta achieve another one of its competitive advantages - security. With a single sign-in, workers are less likely to write down their passwords and account names. Or, borrow other people’s sign-on credentials - which can create gaping vulnerabilities in a company’s IT security as a whole. Plus, the technology that Okta uses is secure in its structure. The result being that companies can use Okta to help provide a simplified, more effective way of working, that is also far more secure. The risk of data breaches is greatly reduced and the leaking of confidential information is diminished in a way that Okta’s competitors cannot provide. 

User Account Management

One of the best things about Okta is the fact that it minimizes the work required by the IT department when it comes to managing user account areas. That’s critical as it means companies can either reduce their IT team thanks to less day-to-day troubleshooting and management, or it can mean that the IT team can deploy their energies elsewhere. Those energies may be better spent in other areas of the business. 

Issues With Legacy Identity Management Schemes

The problem that many technology stacks face is that they have been built in a piecemeal way. Okta effectively strips away any of that complexity and works immediately with any legacy identity management schemes. This means that the benefits of the technology can be enjoyed almost immediately as the software works with so many other applications and any identity management schemes that are already in place. It, therefore, helps iron out user experience issues, while also improving a company’s online security and streamlining the management of the user accounts. 

Okta’s Competitive Advantage

Using Okta means that a company is already at an advantage over its competitors. The efficiencies created from using it alongside other Microsoft products and all manner of other software, means that you can use applications how they were intended. From anywhere as well. Be it remote working or on site. As opposed to cumbersome user experiences, users suddenly find that software works efficiently. Okta materially supports day-to-day tasks, as opposed to having to use a log-in area that is unstable and clunky to use. On top of all is the fact that Okta makes your company more secure. It provides a win-win solution for all. 

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