Okta Integration With Salesforce
August 5th, 2021

Being able to work with countless applications is at the heart of what Okta is all about. Is Salesforce a compatible software? Does Okta integrate well with Salesforce so that companies can make the most of what both products have to offer? 

We will take a look at what exactly Salesforce is, as well as how it may integrate with Okta. We will also identify why Okta integration with Salesforce is so crucial for users. As an official Okta partner, Squareball can help you understand these concepts to make it possible for your company to have a clearer grasp of more strategic IT solutions.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution, or CRM solution for short. Its aim is to help companies with their sales and marketing process. It is one of the most popular customer relationship management platforms out there, and is used by many different types of companies in multiple industries. 

Its popularity is partly due to its web-based software which means workers can access the system wherever they are in the world - whether they are away travelling for work or a full-time remote working employee. 

The platform has powerful tools which allow businesses to respond quickly and effectively to customers. The aim of Salesforce is to improve repeat business through enhanced customer relationships, while also allowing for automation of time consuming tasks. 

Does Okta Integrate With Salesforce? 

Okta easily and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, similar to Okta integration with Azure AD. Users of Salesforce are able to log in to the Salesforce application through Single Sign-On (SSO), Okta Provisioning, or SSO + Okta Provisioning. That means there are several Salesforce features that Okta can support. 

For starters, it is possible to push groups through Okta so that the members of that group can be pushed directly into Salesforce's integrated applications. That is a huge time saver for a company. Secondly, it is possible to import new users quickly - either through Salesforce or through Okta. So if a new user was created in Salesforce or another third-party application, that user can be pulled into Okta without an issue. 

It is also possible to import profile updates. In practice, that means any updates that are made within Salesforce to a user profile are automatically updated in Okta as well. Again, like importing new users from Salesforce into Okta, it is possible to push new users from Okta into Salesforce, as well as make automatic profile updates. 

Finally, whenever a user needs to be deactivated, Okta can take the lead and deactivate a user profile in Salesforce. On the flip side, users can be reactivated in just one application, yet the profile will be reactivated in both Salesforce and Okta as well. 

Why Okta Integration With Salesforce Is Crucial

Salesforce, when used correctly, can offer a company a wealth of tools that are highly advantageous. It is so much more than just an address book of client names. While it is great at keeping a record of customers and any interactions with them, the automations that it provides help streamline key processes, while also providing the ability to analyze dealings with customers. Those analytics can help enhance interactions with both returning and new customers so they are always happy with the service they’re being provided. 

Given its power, it is essential that any cloud identity management system is able to integrate with Salesforce without adding any unnecessary steps or difficulties. That is why Okta is such a good option for companies that use Salesforce. It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, allowing for both applications to not only work alongside each other efficiently, but actually enhance the experience of one another too. Okta supports Salesforce through an effective user management system, with processes that are straightforward and intuitive. 

Okta Integration with Salesforce - Key Takeaways

Okta integration with Salesforce is crucial, not only because Salesforce is such a popular CRM product, but also because it helps companies harness the power that both pieces of technology can provide. It means that employees can quickly and intuitively make use of all the tools and features that Salesforce offers, while keeping user account management to a minimum for IT teams. The quality of what workers can produce from Salesforce is therefore improved as the accuracy of the data being used is better and user accounts are always up to date. Errors are reduced and so time spent rectifying those errors are subsequently diminished, if not totally eliminated.

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