How Does Okta Authentication Work?
August 11th, 2021

One of the major problems your company could face is keeping its data secure. You also have a responsibility to your customers to keep their data safe, so what can you do? 

Okta is a company that has created simple and effective ways to add security authentication to websites and apps. Their software can be set up to demand strong passwords or use password-less authentication to negate the need for passwords altogether. 

What is Okta?

So, what can Okta do for your company, and how does Okta authentication work? In simple terms, Okta has developed a range of Software Development Kits (SDK's) and out the box features that you can add to your website or app. That way, you don’t need to worry about setting up your security measures or dealing with authentication.  

One of Okta's security measures offers a way of authenticating users without the need for passwords. 

Password-less Authentication

Although password-less authentication is not a new idea, many companies are sceptical about its effectiveness. 

Passwords have become one of the most common ways to access websites and online accounts. Due to the familiarity of this type of authentication, businesses may be unsure if a system that requires no password would be as secure. 

Now, several companies are starting to realise that passwords are not as safe as they believed, leading more businesses to switch over to password-less authentication. 

Types of Password-less Authentication

Okta has developed a range of password-less authentication applications to suit different uses. They are all built around the principle that the user isn't required to input their password to gain access while also having their credentials securely processed. 

Email Links

A popular way to authenticate without a password is via an embedded link sent to a verified email. It will often ask the user to input a code sent in the email to verify the login. 

Factor Sequencing

Factor sequencing allows the company to select a range of factors that the user needs to complete to log in. Some factors include passwords, Google authentication, a U2F Security Key, and more. 

Smart Card

Many people nowadays use smart cards as an effective means of authentication in their profession. Smart cards are a simple way of ensuring that only the user with the right smart card can access the system. 

The card can also contain verification data for the user to access restricted areas of the database. 

With hackers becoming more sophisticated in their techniques, it takes robust solutions to ensure that personal data and company data is secure. Password-less authentication will help limit the possibility of data breaches.


Password authentication is becoming less secure, and companies like Okta are leading the way for better user management and online security. 

With password-less authentication such as email links and smart cards, Okta is becoming an asset for over 10,000 organisations that use their APIs to secure their data and protect against fraud.

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